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Six Things to Know Before Ordering a Lampshade!


What type of light do you need? Take a moment to consider the following four types of the light source and which suits your needs best:

-task lighting spotlights a specific area as a pendant fixture would “spotlight” counterwork surfaces in your kitchen

-ambient lighting casts a welcoming, warm glow, filling a room with personality and texture, as a chandelier does for an elegant dining room

-reading lighting illuminates a cozy nook with a bright glow

FLOOD -floodlighting fills a room with brilliance illuminating all parts of a room at once. Architects and designers often use this kind of light to highlight architectural details.

Calico Fabric Lamp


Using the correct proportion and styling of a lampshade to the lamp it sits on can make or break a room. Finding a good fit and a complementary shape for a specific room is like finding the perfect piece of jewelry that compliments your body type or fashion style. If you’re replacing a lampshade, the three most important measurements are Top diameter Inch, Bottom Diameter Inch, Side Slant Inch.


Light has color. Wander the lightbulb aisle of a hardware store, and you are sure to find ample selections. Most lightbulb brands display the different colors their lightbulbs emit and make it easy to see the difference. Cool colors tend to be brighter, and warm colors tend to be softer. The same goes for your lampshade fabric choice! Take your time choosing the right fabric that will enhance the room it will sit in.


For the best lampshade fitting, ALWAYS bring your lamp to the shop. Guessing lampshade size is something we’re good at, but we prefer fitting directly on your lamp. This way, we get it right the first time!


At Cranberry Hill Lighting, we have enormous respect for the history behind heirlooms and antiques. Our expertise in lampshade and lighting restoration and reproduction is barred none. Email or call for more information on the restoration & reproduction of heirloom lampshades or the re-wiring & restoration of generations of lighting fixtures.


Give the gift of a personalized lampshade. Hand-painted, monogrammed lampshades are a unique personalized gift for special occasions like weddings. Make a splash at the next baby shower you attend. There’s nothing cuter than a Cut & Pierced lampshade with baby’s name it. If you like, CHL will take the time to design a lampshade with the new baby’s nursery decor in mind. Are you stumped for a housewarming gift? New homeowners will cherish the gift of light for years to come.

A gift certificate is also perfect for the holidays or your favorite newlyweds.

Elevate Your Space With Our Extensive Selection Of Lampshades

What is the simplest thing you can do to transform a room dramatically? Change your worn and outdated lampshades for a fresh, new look. Choose from our vast inventory of high-quality and creative lampshades from York, ME, for several options that will elevate the look and feel of your space. This is our promise to you.

Unparalleled Lampshade Designs

Cranberry Hill Lighting prides itself on having the largest in-house selection of both traditional and contemporary lampshades in the northeast. When you visit our lighting store, you will find high-quality lampshades made from the finest silks, linens, and papers in every size and style imaginable. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on our shelves, we will have it custom-made to meet your specifications.

Design Collaboration

Recently collaborating with our daughter, Eileen, Cranberry Hill now offers hand-formed, custom lampshades in designer fabrics and specialty papers of your choice. Lampshades by Eileen also include cut and pierced styles. Surround yourself with the classic beauty of traditional cut and pierced lampshade designs, or choose from our contemporary design gallery.

Cut and Pierced

Cutting and piercing lampshades is a centuries' old art form originally designed to protect oil lamps from harsh elements. Decorative patterns were cut and pierced into the tin and formed into primitive lampshades. Once indoor lighting evolved from utilitarian to decorative, paper-cut and pierced lampshades were considered more elegant and best suited for home interiors, adding their unique personality to every room. Designs ranged from harvest fruits, seasonal flowers, country landscapes, nautical seascapes, and seashells.

Cranberry Hill Lighting offers a wide variety of cut and pierced lampshades from York, ME. In our trademarked CHL gallery, you'll find fresh and original lampshade designs. In our antique gallery, we offer an extensive library of traditional patterns. Choose a design from either gallery that expresses who you are.

If it's that ultra-personal, made-just-for-me touch that you crave, contact us to create a custom-made design that fits your decor. We will be happy to draw something up for your approval before making your lampshade.

We promise to use only the most luxuriously textured watercolor paper and the finest watercolor paints. Using watercolor paint allows light to pass through and illuminate the design with soft brilliance. If you appreciate a minimalist vintage, we won't paint the shade. We'll let the paper and workmanship stand on their own. Either way, you'll end up with a stunning lampshade.

Chickadee Pattern | Cut and Pieced Lampshades

Plaid Pattern Lamps | Designer Fabric Lampshades

Fabric and Specialty Paper

Fabric and specialty paper lampshades cast a welcoming, ambient light and are increasingly popular in both homes and businesses. Fabrics, like silk or fine linen, create a warm and moody elegance, while patterns and stripes are sure to fill any room with personality and life.

If a bright and lively change is what you're looking for, have some fun wandering the aisles of a luxurious fabric store like Calico Corners. Search for the perfect fabric that expresses who you are and have a lampshade made from it. Surround yourself in the comforting rays of our lampshades from York, ME.

If you're having new drapes made or an old chair upholstered, buy some extra yardage of the same fabric and have a lampshade made. A new fabric lampshade will bring an old lamp to life. A new set of fabric chandelier shades will bring elegance to your dining room, romance to your bedroom, and a little bit of country to your kitchen.

The same goes for paper lampshades. We have made lampshades from wallpaper, faux parchment, hand-dipped book paper, marbleized paper, guiled silver foil, and 14-karat gold paper. The light cast by an oiled kraft paper lampshade in the library looks exactly like the leather on that worn leather chair in the corner.

Any fabric or paper can be formed into a lampshade. Of course, some are better than others. Consider the following when choosing fabric or specialty paper.

Custom Match

If it's that personal touch you crave, our expertise lies in creating custom-made lampshades from York, ME, to compliment your décor. It's what makes our products so unique—the finishing touch that ties a room together.

Oil Kraft Lampshade | Custom Lampshades from York, ME

Some Ideas:

Faux Finishes - The paper we use to form all hand-painted shades has a rich texture perfect for faux finishes like marble and parchment.

Antique-Looking Lampshades - Oiled kraft paper has a rich and indulgent, leathery appearance with a warm, antiqued glow. It's perfect for your study or cozy nook.

Monograms - Hand-painted monograms on lampshades are also very popular, especially as personalized gifts for special occasions like weddings or baby showers.

Pierced Paper Lampshade Pinecone Pattern Match Marbled Paper Patterns

The Process:

1) A consultation is necessary, either by phone or on location at your home or business, to discuss the perimeters of the consignment.

2) Choose a style:

Pattern Match - Swatches of fabric and/or wallpaper—large enough to get a solid sense of pattern and color—are required. We will then draw up a design for your approval.

Faux Finish - Choose from alabaster, marble, or parchment. Room color swatches are required.

Oiled Kraft Paper - Room color swatches are required.

Monogram - Initials and room color swatches are required.

3) The size and shape of the lampshade are determined.

4) We create your lampshade.

5) An impeccably handmade lampshade is delivered to your doorstep via USPS.

Drum Shaped Shade

Our lampshades from York, ME, are a good addition to give your space a newer, fresher look. Visit our showroom or contact us today to learn about how we can better serve your needs. We have served throughout New England for 50 years.