Dependable Lampshade Repair and Restoration

Give new life to an old or broken lampshade with lampshade repair and restoration from Cranberry Hill Lighting. Whether you have an antique lampshade or one that is damaged, we can fix it up for you quickly and at a reasonable cost. Contact us today to restore the original look and function of your treasured lampshade with our quality repair and restoration services.

Count on Us for All Your Needs

At Cranberry Hill Lighting, we repair and restore all types of lampshades, including new and antique ones. We also repair and restore lamps, including floor lamps, table lamps, chandeliers, and lanterns. Our specialty is fixing porcelain lamps, which requires a level of skill that only our experienced repairman can provide. We can also rewire a lamp if need be, as well as convert any kind of European-made lamp to the standard US 120 and 240 plugins. In addition, for any repair or restoration, we can order the necessary parts to get the job done right.

Damaged Shade