Custom Lighting to Flatter Your Home or Business

Let Cranberry Hill Lighting enhance your space with custom lighting. We create custom light fixtures for homes and businesses to add to the aesthetics of a room. By incorporating a fixture customized to your liking, we can completely transform your space and breathe new life into it. Contact us today to request our expertise in creating a custom light fixture for your home or business.

Hanging Light

Make Your Room Stand Out

From living rooms to offices, rooms of all kinds benefit from the right lighting. That's why at Cranberry Hill Lighting, we specialize in custom light fixtures to add a fresh and renewed look to any space and make it more appealing. No matter the type or size of the room, we can make it pop with flattering lighting.

Create the Perfect Fixture for Your Space

To create your custom light fixture, we can take an existing fixture and customize it by adding an additional arm or adjusting an existing one. We can also create a new lamp using any items you have at home, such as old bottles. If additional items are needed, we can special order them for you. We have a very creative staff who can work with you to create the perfect light fixture for your space.